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 Language Coaching & Private Teaching


While teaching focuses on general structures designed for the majority of students, language coaching focuces on the individual student and their specific strengths and weaknesses.  

Traditional teaching methods in the Czech Republic are not successful in helping students improve their speaking; coaching English on 1-1 basis is also a shift of approach from grammar to speaking.

I was trained in CLT - Communicative Language Teaching - which puts the student, rather than the textbook, at the centre of every class.  It involves low TTT - Teacher Talking Time - so that the student can practice speaking as much as possible, giving you the chance to use what you are learning and also giving me the opportunity to hear how you are progressing and give you corrections when appropriate, to help you better express yourself and feel confident when you speak English.

You will not only be prepared to speak English in any situation - but you will be looking forward to it! 

Try a new way of learning and open a new world of English!  

In addition to offering fast improvements in English communication, I offer:

  • Topic-focused conversation classes

  • Preparation for job interviews

  • Preparation for Cambridge exams and entering British or other English-speaking universities

  • Development and advice on English CVs, LinkedIn profiles, business projects, English marketing and promotional materials, academic projects


I guarantee professionalism and confidentiality in all matters

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